Shark Fishing


Cork Harbour Charter Skippers also specialise in Shark Fishing and for decades, Continental anglers have been coming to Cobh, Ballycotton, Crosshaven and Kinsale to target Blue Sharks.

2011 saw a large increase in the Shark catch around the harbour.  The waters between Ballycotton and the Old Head of Kinsale have long been considered some of the best Shark fishing waters in the North West Atlantic, with the months between June and September considered to be the best time to tackle these fish.

Why not take a read of the recent article featured in the Irish Angler Shark Fishing Article!

Recommended for Shark Fishing:

Shark gear:

Rod: 12/20 or 20/30 Reel to suit.

Line: 30-40lb braid (dyneema) will be fine (shock leader if that is your choice).


10/0 to 14/0 hook (o’shaughnessy. Not stainless)

1m multi strand wire ( crimped and Flemish loop)

3m 100-150 mono (crimped and also 4/0 swivels)

A quick check on google and you can get some pictures of traces here:

After that you will need:

balloons for float

Onion bag (for rubby dubby)

Bran & fish oil  (Vegetable oil will do instead of fish oil.)

100 -150 mono could go as high as 200lb to be sure.

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